a team of young workers in conversation stand in an open modern office

We believe in the power of collective greatness.

At Q4, we embrace diverse perspectives and experiences as the driving force behind innovation and problem-solving. We envision Q4 to reflect the global community we serve, empowering representation and opportunity at all levels.

Join us on this journey of inclusivity and empowerment, where your unique contributions will shape a brighter future for all.

How we’re getting there.

Our path to creating a space where your authentic voice will find a platform is grounded in fostering belonging.

We recognize that our people’s unique perspectives are how we solve complex problems and propel our mission forward. That’s why we’re purposefully shaping an organization that revolves around people. Our culture of collaboration and care starts with our committed leaders.

47% of our people leaders globally identify as women.

Women lead here.

Globe & Mail logo

Q4 is proud to to be included on The Globe and Mail’s 2023 Report on Business magazine’s Women Lead Here list. This annual editorial benchmark identifies top-notch Canadian businesses with the highest executive gender diversity.

Women in tech.

On International Women's Day and beyond, we take time to reflect, learn, and celebrate the achievements of Women in tech, as well as promote opportunities for advancement and equality.

Our commitment doesn't stop on specific days or months, as we always try to amplify avenues for advancement. We want everyone to remember how strong women are when they come together to lead, build, engage, and motivate each other.

To do so, we host multiple events including an annual Women in tech leadership panel, virtual speed networking sessions, mentorship, and learning and development opportunities.

Embracing the day of the girl at Q4.

To mark International Day of the Girl, which supports and brings awareness to gender inequality faced by girls worldwide, we asked parents from our #Q4orce to write their daughters a letter about what they hope for their future and for the girls around the world.

Slack channels for all.

Q4orce stays connected on Slack by creating channels that foster meaningful connections among those sharing similar backgrounds, geographies, identities, and interests.

Here are just a few of those channels:

  • #parents-of-Q4
  • #foodies_channel
  • #fitness-challenge
  • #q4-mexico
  • #queer4 (Allies welcome!)
  • #west-coast-q4
  • #pets-of-q4